Grow and eat your own vegetables


(photo credit by Jennifer Walker )

Do you want to grow your own vegetables this year but your garden is damaged with silt or you will have to move sometime to a new property?

Use a raised bed that can be placed anywhere, then moved if you need to.  Here at Portstone, our raised beds are wooden, interlocking slats that fit together in minutes, using no nails or fasteners.  Then just fill it up with compost and potting mix and you’re in business.

(photo by Kwong Hong Leong )

Plant strawberries around the edges so the fruit can trail over the side.  This prevents the fruit from going mouldy on the damp soil, makes it difficult for birds to get them, and also looks pretty.  Feed well with sheep pellets or strawberry fertiliser.  We have glazed pots in garden complimentary colours that have lots of pockets round the sides for planting strawberries in.  Great for patios and decks.

With spring here now, its time to get all your vegetables planted and seeds sown.  If you like swede, grow a few of your own, they are much jucier and sweeter than the dry ones from the supermarket.  Same with broad beans, they start to get bitter the longer they are stored, but so yummy when picked fresh plus broad bean plants when finished are a valuable addition to compost.

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