All Black Victory, Petunia that is…


PETUNIA “Black Velvet” one of the very few black flowers, is an exciting new release this year. As flower petals don’t make black pigment, the colour is created by breeding together the natural red and blue pigments.

Plant one in a pot with a white one and let the two entwine creating a wonderful display of black & white.

There are a number of other colour petunias of course, that you can also mix together in the same way, in a pot or hanging basket. SuperCal Petchoas (mini petunias) are also versatile, long flowering plants that are available in two hot new colours for the 2011 summer season: Cherry and Vanilla Blush.

Clever breeding has erased the sticky foliage of petunias, so the flowers drop right off rather than sticking to the foliage and looking unattractive.

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