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Lots of lush growth

There has been lots of lush growth since the first photo of my vegetable garden at the end of October. The brassicas and beets have all grown really well. On warm sunny days I have seen good growth in just one … Continue reading

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Grow giant brocolli

I picked this head of brocolli from my garden today. It weighed 1.450kg.  I used plenty of well rotted manure in the soil before planting and then covered it with peastraw to retain the moisture.  I didn’t have to water everyday … Continue reading

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Beer trap for slugs and snails

This trap is full of beer and is then dug in so the lip is level with the soil.  The slugs can slither easily into the bowl and for some reason seem to be attracted to the smell of the … Continue reading

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Slug trap

Slugs are a jolly old nuisance. I have often sprinkled around the garden lots of Quash Slug and Snail bait, but with limited success.  It is a pet and wildlife friendly product but it does break down in rain or … Continue reading

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