“See how my garden grows”


“See how my garden grows”. 

I have planted two more courgettes because often plants get powdery mildew and peter out before the season has finished, so by planting more latter, I hope to prolong the season.

I planted peas and supported them with bamboo canes criss crossed.  I put in snow peas (flat pods that you eat) and ordinary peas (that you pod).  They are mixed in together and planted too closely, they are difficult to harvest.  I won’t do that again. I’ll plant just one variety and space them according to the instructions on the packet.  The snow peas haven’t got a lot of flavour, but are nice for something different.

The red onions are looking grunty but I think they have a way to go yet.  I poked my finger in the soil to feel round the bulb and it’s still quiet small even though the tops look big.  I have been “stealing” some of the leaves to put in salads. Yum! We’ve had a good feed of radishes and I have sown more seed a couple of times.  They’re a fast crop.

The carrots and beetroot are coming along nicely and I have sown more of those too, for successive harvesting.  We like eating the young beetroot leaves in salads and the bigger ones steamed, tastes like spinach.

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