Dovyalis, Tropical Apricot

I have four Dovyalis “Tropical Apricot” trees growing in pots.  There are a few fruit on them, just small at the moment but I am looking forward to them getting bigger and riper.  I believe they have an apricot flavour.

This is a large semi-deciduous shrub growing to about 5 metres tall and 5 wide.

Fruit are produced during the warm season at various intervals and are yellowy when mature. The flesh is yellowy-orange, very soft with a distinctive apricot flavour. They can be eaten fresh or used for jellies, jams, pies and drinks.  The Doyvalis can be made into an excellent wine.

They can grow in a wide range of soil conditions but benefit greatly from being fertilized reguarly.  Put down a good mulch to keep the roots moist during dry spells.

Doyvalis will cope with light frosts, down to about -3 C, but you can spray with Vaporgard to give an extra protection against frost.

There are few pests that bother Doyvalis, but birds might eat a few.

Watch this space to see the fruit ripen!

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