Harvesting carrots

I have been harvesting carrots over the last few weeks and thoroughly enjoying them. They are crisp and juicy when eaten raw, and tender when cooked.  The variety is Berlicum from Kings Seeds.

I have pulled one or two and discovered that they have split, so I decided it must be time to harvest them all. I washed them, dryed them and put them in the fridge in a plastic bag but left the bag open so they won’t go mushy. I blanched and froze some of them.

Then I sowed some more seed. This time I used Yates Seed Tape. It’s really easy to use, just make a shallow trench and lay the paper tape in the bottom, then lightly cover over.

I sowed some a few weeks ago, then some more and now a third lot, so I will have succesive harvesting. You can just see the first carrots coming up. Planted at the left end of the bed are leeks. Buy a bundle and plant now.

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