Garlic Planting – Now is the time

Garlic is traditionally planted on the shorted day, but you can plant anytime between June and August.  It is one of the easiest crops to grow, it takes up hardly any room and once you plant it requires little care.

Garlic is the perfet companion plant for roses – plant under roses to control greenfly.

Garlic has antibiotic and anti-viral properties.


Portstones Garlic Growing Tips

  • Plant between June and August
  • Choose a sunny position with well drained soil
  • Prepare soil by adding Tui Organic Compost
  • Purchase whole garlic cloves
  • When planting break up each clove (little segments) and plant 5cm under the ground. Do not plant the whole clove
  • Water well and apply Blood and Bone or a liquid fertiliser (Nitrosol) through the season to encourage larger cloves

Note – Garlic in supermarkets is often not best to plant in the garden as it has been treated to stop it sprouting.

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