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Fruit Trees – plant now for delicious tasting home grown fruit

Now is the time to come into Portstone and browse our selection of fruit trees that you can plant at home to enjoy great tasting fruit in the summer months. It really is easy to plant, care for and then … Continue reading

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Garlic Planting – Now is the time

Garlic is traditionally planted on the shorted day, but you can plant anytime between June and August.  It is one of the easiest crops to grow, it takes up hardly any room and once you plant it requires little care. … Continue reading

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Grow giant brocolli

I picked this head of brocolli from my garden today. It weighed 1.450kg.  I used plenty of well rotted manure in the soil before planting and then covered it with peastraw to retain the moisture.  I didn’t have to water everyday … Continue reading

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Planting a new raised bed vegetable garden

Welcome to my new vegetable garden.  Over the coming season I will update this blog and explain what I’m doing, why, and tell you about the successes and problems I encounter. I have never had a garden of this size before, … Continue reading

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All Black Victory, Petunia that is…

  PETUNIA “Black Velvet” one of the very few black flowers, is an exciting new release this year. As flower petals don’t make black pigment, the colour is created by breeding together the natural red and blue pigments. Plant one … Continue reading

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Grow Your Own Potatoes and Taste The Difference

Enjoy eating freshly dug potatoes by growing your own – its very easy. For Christmas potatoes choose “Lisetta” or “Swift” as these are good early variaties 60-70 days to mature. For main crop try Agria variety – great for roasting … Continue reading

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